Upgrading to a Dual Shower Head – The Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing a new shower head, many people might find the variety one the market a bit overwhelming. Sure, you already know about the basic handheld type and the fixed rainfall type ones. However, you might not know too much about dual shower heads, which is a rather recent concoction invented by bathroom hardware manufacturers.

A dual shower head is exactly what the name suggests – a unit with two heads, one fixed to the wall, and a handheld one that can be used to reach specific areas on the body. Now that you know exactly what dual shower heads are (or maybe you saw them online and came here with a couple of questions), here is a little Q&A regarding these units:

Can you use the heads separately or one by one?

Most units we’ve come across do not allow you to use the heads one by one. Keep that in mind especially if you don’t want to increase your water consumption too much.

Do they consume twice as much water?

No. They usually stick to the recommended 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) figure for the whole unit, not just one shower head. However, don’t take this for granted and always check with the seller/ manufacturer before you buy. This figure is almost always mentioned in the product description or on the box.

Do I need to call a plumber to install it?

It depends on your skills with plumbing and installation and the tools you have in your toolbox. If you have a wrench and some Teflon tape, or can get them yourself, you’re pretty much good to go with following the instructions in the manual.

There are several advantages and reasons why you should probably get a dual showerhead instead of a handheld or rainfall one. For once, it’s the that they offer you the best of both worlds. You can have a soothing and drenching rain falling down from above, while at the same time targeting specific body areas with the handheld head. Most people would never want to return to a typical, non-dual showerhead after experiencing this.

Another advantage of dual shower heads is the (seemingly) higher water pressure. Naturally, if you have two heads instead of one, it might feel like you’re getting more water than usually. This may or may not be actually true, depending on the actual water consumption of the unit, but the sensation is still the same.

You can also experiment with your dual shower head. You can play with different temperatures, or even better, different spray patterns (if the unit has more than one) to customize your shower experience to the fullest.

If we’re talking negative aspects, that first thing that comes to mind in terms of dual showerheads is the same old water consumption. If it’s more than 2.5 GPM, that is already breaking the law in some states, or just breaking the bank when it comes to the water bill. Always keep in mind to check the water consumption of the shower head before purchasing it to avoid unpleasant surprises.